You don't want to miss our biggest fundraiser and one of the best nights of the year.

The 10th Annual Bee Ball is Saturday, May 12th at The Maywood (658 Maywood Ave, Raleigh 27603).  We're happy to be back at The Maywood for another great night of live music, dancing, photo-booth shenanigans, and fundraising. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

The Beehive Collective hosts the annual Bee Ball as our biggest fundraiser. Every year, we pick a giving theme and donate a substantial grant to a Raleigh non-profit. We've given away more than $288,000 since 2008 and we're looking to make this our biggest grant year ever! We're proud to announce that our 2018 giving theme is Food Insecurity. Ticket sales and funds raised by our Bee Ball Royalty Court go towards our goal. 

Check out our illustrious 2018 Bee Ball Royalty Court. You can start casting your votes for your favorite Queen or King right now - and get your tickets to the Ball! Want to be a part of the action? When you buy a ticket, you can join a Royalty Team and help raise money in the name of your favorite Royalty contender.

Music by 120 Minutes & DJ Jenilla Ice


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