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The Beehive Collective is a giving circle that awards grants to nonprofits working toward making Raleigh a better place. Members of the Beehive Collective are interested in supporting the development of women through local activities and leadership opportunities. By pooling our resources and organizing fun events, we raise money to fund community projects. Since 2008, we’ve given away more than $288,000 in support of causes ranging from public transportation to youth healthcare. 


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2019 LARGE GRANT THEME: Environmental Justice

At the beginning of the year, the Beehive holds an open meeting to democratically select the annual large grant giving theme. Through this process we are able to be responsive to the current needs of our community, truly providing community sourced giving to Raleigh.

The selected theme for 2019 is Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice is about the fair treatment of all people, regardless of race or class, with respect to environmental laws, regulations and policies.  It’s promotion of equity in safe and healthy work and home environments, and equal access to natural resources for all members of our community. It’s about breaking down the discriminatory systems that have allowed environmental injustice to flourish and about understanding how that impacts everyone in a community.

The Beehive Collective is particularly interested in projects that look at environmental justice through an intersectional lens (i.e. projects that address how and why various communities are impacted differently or more significantly).

How much money will the 2019 large grant be? Well, that depends on your support! Come to our fundraising events or become a member today!


A Brief History of Environmental Justice by ProPublica





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